Month: May 2017

Adjustment to New

We made a quick trip to St. Louis this week to have Baby Bears Prosthetics adjusted because he has grown so much they are getting a little snug where he starts crying after being in them for a while! So While we there for that he got fitted for new ones! We will get to go back towards the end… Read more →

Walk baby, walk! 

It was a great physical therapy day today!! Big brother is out of school and got to go with us, plus it’s his birthday so he got to pick the rest of the days plans!! But I must say he might just have to come with us every time. He gets Baby Bear walking! I’m sure proud of my boys!!! … Read more →

Let them be little…

Let them be little is a sentence that I say often. Often because so many people want their kids to hurry and grow up and do bigger things than what they are already doing. I mean seeing your kids to great things is wonderful but why rush it!? It was the last day of 2nd grade for Big Brother and… Read more →

Happy Monday!! 

Baby bear has been a professional knee walker for some time now, but he can cruise with and without prosthetics holding onto a toy, couch or hand. Well that was until yesterday! Cookies can make great things happen! Especially snickerdoodles!!!! ​ ​​ ​ Don’t mind the crumbs everywhere, we were bribing with cookies!! We are so proud of our baby… Read more →

Hand Surgery

Goodbye tiny fingers!! Who thinks they will ever have to say that?  On Baby Bears Left hand he had 3 tiny little fingers, they were more like skin tags than fingers. We put off getting them taken off when he was 6 months old, one doctor said it is best for them to be over 20 pounds to be put… Read more →


Our December appointment at Shriner’s was one we were really excited about!! December meant that Baby Bear was going to be measured for his prosthetics! We weren’t really sure what that even meant, but we knew that meant we were getting close to getting him his little feet he would need to run care free and wild! We go to… Read more →

Lucky Fin Project

Molly Stapelman was the first person in a sea of many that I reached out to after we found everything out about Baby bear that actually responded back! She was great! She is The Lucky Fin Project! She messaged with nothing but positive things, she even sent me a book from another mom whose child was born with an upper… Read more →

1st Birthday!

How quickly a year can go by! Especially when you are here and there for every kind of appointment.  In the past year as a family we have learned that just because something isn’t planned doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out.  Baby Bear is trying to walk with and without his prosthetics. He gets a good two steps in… Read more →

What do we do now!!??

After we regrouped about everything, we were transferred to a high risk specialist. Everything is still really a blur because you are still sitting there thinking just tell me everything else will be fine! These 3 things are more than enough! The first specialist we went and saw was by far the greatest doctor I have ever been seen by.… Read more →