Congenital Limb defect

Proud Big Brother


Baby Bear

Congenital Limb Defect.  If those 3 words don’t make you need to breathe into a brown paper sack I’m not sure what would! We found out at 28 weeks pregnant that our baby bear would be born missing his left hand, right foot and left foot. I was told all that over a voicemail. Of course when you hear something like that you think this guy doesn’t even know what he is talking about he is calling from Texas, I’m in Oklahoma he surely had the wrong number!! Back and forth calling from that office to my doctor’s office the next day we went in for a very detailed ultrasound to confirm what the Texas doctor was claiming to be true. He was right. Millions of things went through my mind, you want your children to have an easy, carefree life. What did I do wrong? How did this happen? Was it something I ate? Did I… well the answer is none of the above! We don’t have an answer to why this happened. But what we do know is we were hand picked to be this littles Mom, Dad and Big brother!!  So really how lucky are we that we were picked to help Baby bear tackle this world!!!??

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