After delivery…

After Griffin was born and I was aware of everything going on, they wheeled me in to see our sweet boy! He was tiny and perfect. We were having a little trouble feeding but no big deal they had tiny bottles and then he ate like a champ. The only thing they were watching at the time was anything else they would be watching for any other newborn. They did however keep him in the NICU for 2 days. Just to triple check everything. His sugar level was a little off for while but he took care of that on his own and it all leveled out and that was fine. I will say though, the nurses there are special people! We were one of the lucky ones in the NICU, we were there for precaution more or less. There were others there that were there for far more serious things and we are truly blessed and thankful for our outcome. He broke free from the NICU on day two and he got to join us in my room. We were complete. Dad, big brother, baby bear and I that’s all we needed, our hearts were full. 

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