April 15th we rushed everywhere getting Big Brother to Grandma and he was going to skip school and have an auntie and cousin day so he would be closer to us. He was so excited! Of course I cried when I dropped him off, thinking what a great little boy we have and how we are adding one more today. Praying that he wasn’t going to have a hard time adjusting to not being the only child. I mean 7 years alone that’s a while! Our families met us at the hospital I think I had to take 3 detours just to get inside because I was so nervous I would just cry. We were told everything we see on the ultrasound looks okay, but that’s not a 100% guarantee that after you have your baby others things aren’t possible. We knew he was going to be born without a hand and his feet. I thought that’s a lot, anymore would be so much for this little guy, so we prayed and prayed.

He was born via c section and he was born screaming and peeing! Well I knew he could cry so that made me feel better and knew he could pee so that was even better! The nurses and doctors scurried around smiling, laughing and joking. I kept asking my husband ask them if everything else is okay, please just ask them! Then came a sweet crying little baby boy laying on my chest! All I remember seeing is a squishy little round perfect face that stopped crying as soon as he got to me. He was perfect! I

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