All in a days play…

Today was an outside kind of day! We took big brother to school and then came back home and just stayed outside until baby bear was ready to nap. His little feet were stuck in the dirt, wet and very well used today. When I look at his little feet (most of the time I catch myself calling them his legs) I think how many steps will this turtle legs go until we are on to the next set. It’s exciting to know that he is able to have prostheitcs. Scary, but exciting! Not even sure why I say scary, more of an anxious feeling I suppose! But what I have learned is that with his occupational therapist and physical therapist my little guy is going to go places in whatever kind of legs he has!! We have the best support circle I could ever ask for!!! He works his little tail off each week to get stronger and more independent! The day he walks with no help with his prosthetics on will be one of the greatest days!! He is pretty sturdy standing alone and he cruises the couch with them on,  so they say it won’t be long! He also cruises without them!! He has taken a couple steps without wearing his prosthetics but he just has to figure out the balance part. And I know he will!! 

So while my house is quiet and upside down, I’m going to go clean the muddy little feet, so they are ready for him and physical therapy tomorrow!!!! 💜

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