What do we do now!!??


After we regrouped about everything, we were transferred to a high risk specialist. Everything is still really a blur because you are still sitting there thinking just tell me everything else will be fine! These 3 things are more than enough! The first specialist we went and saw was by far the greatest doctor I have ever been seen by. He did a detailed ultrasound every week, measuring and checking out everything. I never left there not knowing what I wanted to know. He is the one that caught the umbilical cord only had two vessels instead of the 3. He said sometimes nothing happens because of this but then also a vascular disturbance could happen, cardiovascular abnormalities and gastrointestinal abnormalities. From the first time I saw him he was pretty positive it was just something vascular that happened 5-8 weeks into pregnancy. He checked EVERYTHING! By the end of my pregnancy I was actually comfortable enough to just go by myself if I needed to and not be sacred to death. That’s a big deal, let me tell ya!!! I was transferred one more time to another high risk doctor who would be delivering our Baby Bear. First time I went I left like my world just got turned upside down once again. Bed side manner can do a lot to someone. She was saying things like this syndrome, this disorder, heart conditions and the list goes on and on. I left sitting in my car thinking his little feet and hand aren’t all that’s wrong. That’s when you start looking online, not that I hadn’t been looking all this up to begin with I just didn’t have all these scary things to look up! Oh but I did now! By the scheduled delivery date I was banned from the Internet by my husband, mom & mother in law. Seriously every day I had a different diagnosis for what was going on and I was making myself even more scared because no matter how wonderful the doctor was no one can just say “Kimmy your baby is going to be perfectly fine and there is nothing else going on other than what we can see on the ultrasound.” NO ONE WILL SAY THAT SENTENCE TO YOU!!! Trust me I tried!! So with all the worry and still trying to think it’s okay God won’t just leave us not know what to do! Right!? Right, indeed!! Our family and friends circled around us, prayed for us, talked to us, kept us positive! Each week every doctors appointment got a little easier. We were asked if we wanted to do further testing once he was here. We said yes to the chromosome test, we declined on a few others. Delivery day was fastly approaching!!!!

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