Hand Surgery

Big Brother stayed behind for the surgery trip so he needed to have his picture taken.

Goodbye tiny fingers!! Who thinks they will ever have to say that?  On Baby Bears Left hand he had 3 tiny little fingers, they were more like skin tags than fingers. We put off getting them taken off when he was 6 months old, one doctor said it is best for them to be over 20 pounds to be put under with anesthetic. So we decided against getting them taken off even though they said we could still do it and it would be most likely fine, they weren’t hurting anything so we waited until the 20 pound mark! Well in the midst of waiting for 20 pounds to come around one tiny finger got infected. He started crawling and was into everything it would get caught on things and tear. It was awful!! What Could be worse than it tearing you might ask… Well that would be when it started turning purple.  Yes, purple, It was over Thanksgiving and a weekend so our doctor wasn’t in the office so we had to wait until Monday morning. Well that was 3 days. Monday morning rolled around and we were getting ready to take Big Brother to school when I hear “MOM” “MOM” “MOM” “I DIDN’T DO IT, IT JUST CAME OFF!!!” Yes the tiny finger fell off, Big Brother was traumatized pretty much, baby bear wasn’t even aware of brother freaking out and I was in shock!! I mean who prepares for tiny fingers to come off by themselves! Needless to say I got a hold of our doctor we scheduled our time for him to get the other two removed so they wouldn’t get hurt like this one did or fall off!

Surgery is a scary thing when your an adult, but when your a mom and your 9 month old is having to be prepped for surgery, well thats a whole different story. You want to pull the Hunger Games “I Volunteer!’.  But we knew it would only help him because he wouldn’t be worried his hand would hurt. He quit using his left hand for a while because it was sore from the first one getting sore.

Waiting for his turn to go back with Dr. Goldfarb.

 Baby Bear to this day won’t drink juice in his bottle after only getting juice and water for almost 8 hours the night before surgery. Not a happy camper!! But when we finely got to the hospital and got all checked in we waited the longest hour of our lives to get things going. I was ready for this day to hurry up and get over with. The nurses came in and took all his vitals, asked all the health questions and tried to make me not be a nervous wreck. Dr. Goldfarb came in and talked to us and let us know he was ready and that everything was going to be just fine and it was a quick procedure and I would get a call from the phone in the waiting room once everything was finished. 45 minutes went by and a sweet little lady came out and said your little one is a awake and wants you, are you ready to come back? I think I might have left my husband in the waiting room and ran back there.  He was screaming, crying and hungry. Once we got back there he got to have a bottle and he calmed down and all was well in our little world.  The doctors came in and told us everything went great and he would probably not even hardly have a scar.  He was wrapped up with a bandage and once they gave him his medicine and he drank a bottle we were free.


Surgery and Turtle legs!

After we were released from the surgery floor we stopped at the POPS shop downstairs and asked if by chance his prosthetics were there. I was thinking I bet they would let us look at them at least if they are here.  Well they did better than that, we got to try them on and take them home!! He was a champ having surgery and then going downstairs and trying on prosthetics.  Today his left hand is smooth and just like the doctor said, you can’t even really tell he had surgery!

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