Our December appointment at Shriner’s was one we were really excited about!! December meant that Baby Bear was going to be measured for his prosthetics! We weren’t really sure what that even meant, but we knew that meant we were getting close to getting him his little feet he would need to run care free and wild! We go to the POPS shop in the hospital and that is all they do, they are kind people who measure, cast and talk moms out of all the worries they have! We have Darren and he is great! The first time we met him we were happy with everything he told us and he doesn’t want to just give our little something that will work, he wants it to make our littles life easier. We get to pick out the material that make what kind of legs he will have. We figured since Baby Bear is so small we will let that be big brothers job, so we have turtle legs this time around!!! After he was done getting casted and measured Darren talked to us and let us know it would take a few weeks to get them back. We were super excited to see his first pair!  http://www.shrinershospitalforchildren.org

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