Let them be little…

Let them be little is a sentence that I say often. Often because so many people want their kids to hurry and grow up and do bigger things than what they are already doing. I mean seeing your kids to great things is wonderful but why rush it!? It was the last day of 2nd grade for Big Brother and he is oh so excited! I looked back at the first day of school pictures and his baby face has slimmed down, he has gotten taller and has become the best big brother we could ever ask for. Then over here we have baby bear who is trying to walk with and without prosthetics and now I just had to email our prosthetist and say uhhhhh I think we are outgrowing our turtle legs! Which is exciting because that means we get to start with a different kind, but we were just getting the hang of these and I sorta love the turtle legs!! They were our first big head first dive into this adventure! They were heavy, scary, not magical pop on walking feet and I could keep going on but really in reality how thankful are we, we got to give the turtle legs a go and kicked butt doing it!! So the phrase “let them be little” yes let them be little because before you know it you will have a 3rd grader and an upcoming appointment to get new the next set of prosthetics! 💜

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