Adjustment to New

We made a quick trip to St. Louis this week to have Baby Bears Prosthetics adjusted because he has grown so much they are getting a little snug where he starts crying after being in them for a while! So While we there for that he got fitted for new ones! We will get to go back towards the end of June and get them. He is at a stage where he cries every time our Darren our prosthetics guy touches, looks, talks or just in our general area. He just doesn’t understand why we are wrapping him up in stuff and well he would rather be playing and roaming around all the cool tables they have. I’m postive though in a year or so he is going to stop not being so sure of him and realize he is the guy that gets me walking!! We are truly blessed to have him as our guy at the children’s hospital there. He makes our worries go away and anyone who knows me,  knows that’s not an easy task! I worry even when there is no worry needed! It was a great quick trip and we are glad to be headed home and even happier we have new shark legs in the making!! Happy Tuesday Everyone!! 

Looking everything over…

Checking out his new sets of castings! 

Shark material, bucket truck, castings and what little boy doesn’t have a butterfly wand!? (He fell in the waiting room and one of the sweet Masons gave him that because he was crying)

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