Month: June 2017

Goodbye Turtle legs… Hello shark legs! 

Today was a big day for us! We went and picked up Baby Bears second set of prosthetics! They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!! We went and picked his little legs up first and they fit perfectly.  He is a little wobbly so we need to get sturdy again with the new ones! (We just got… Read more →

All in a weeks work!

Physical therapy Thursday always ends up in something exciting! This past week we have been really working on walking solo! That means lots of falls, by the way they are not mastered yet so it’s more like a boulder falling from a mountain. But Baby Bear has even improved his falls within the week! He has been taking more and… Read more →

Brotherly love…

I recently read a blog post from a site talking about the big sister and how she wouldn’t change anything about her little brother who was born with a limb difference.  She simply didn’t see the difference, he was still her little brother no matter what. After reading that I got to thinking about my boys. Big brother has a… Read more →

Busy Week!

Is it Friday yet!? This week I say technically started last Thursday! Baby Bear was working so hard in physical therapy he fell and the what would be the pinky finger- but his is just a smooth little round bump that was almost even with the rest of his skin.  But let’s rewind for a second! His first surgery on… Read more →

Physical Therapy Thursday!!! 

Our sweet boy has worked his tail off to get this far! Today was probably one of the most exciting things he has accomplished!!!! I think the little adjustments to the turtle legs made them fit better and he decided to take his own steps today!! We have to work on gracefully walking but these few steps are full of… Read more →