Busy Week!

Is it Friday yet!? This week I say technically started last Thursday! Baby Bear was working so hard in physical therapy he fell and the what would be the pinky finger- but his is just a smooth little round bump that was almost even with the rest of his skin.  But let’s rewind for a second! His first surgery on his little left hand was because his hand only grew to about where your knuckle would be. He has a perfect little wrist and all. His left hand just quit developing from the knuckle part and up. He did however have 3 tiny piece of skin where 3 fingers would have been. No bones or anything just skin. The three spots grew as he grew getting caught and hurt the more active he became. So our doctor said lets get them off then he will be ready to go and nothing is going to bother him on his hand again!  The doctor said we didn’t need to go over to where the smooth round spot was Bc it was so smooth and there wasn’t really any worry.  So we just stuck with the 3 tiny fingers in the first surgery and called it good. Well last Thursday when he fell walking, that smooth little bump sorta “popped” out and started to get sore and bleed. Well within two days he had a tiny finger type thing going on (I know, right!?) so I called our wonderful care coordinator and she had me send in pictures and she showed them to our doctor and within 30 mins on Friday we were scheduled to have hand surgery again Tuesday! So we went to St. Louis Baby Bear got all checked in at 6am, had surgery at 8am and we were done and back in the car by 11. Sounds smooth right…

Tired and Hungry

 Well it all went smooth besides the moment they have to take him away and he is crying and for a second you don’t feel like you can breathe because they are taking your baby to a surgery room, they are going to put him to sleep and cut on his hand. So while I’ve been there before I briefly forgot what I was supposed to do a sweet little lady said “here, let’s go to the waiting room and we will call you when he goes into recovery”.  45 LONG minutes later the phone rings and I get the he is okay and we are just waiting on him to wake up. Meanwhile before I got the call I was talking to another sweet mom waiting for her son to get out of surgery. But for this mom she was just starting her 6-7 hour wait, her son was having spine surgery. Right then I thought God be with this sweet lady and her little boy! I can’t even hardly hold it together for an hour and this lady is trying to make me feel better because she saw me upset walking out of the patient room doors. So to say she was an answered prayer for me to be sidetracked through my short hour of worry is an understatement. She was kind to me in her moment of worry. She didn’t have to do that. But she did. Doesn’t sound like that big of deal but when it happens at the perfect moment it really is! Praying for her and her son, hoping that his surgery went smoothly and he will recovery quickly!

Baby Bear is already acting like he never had surgery this week and is going 100 mph. He has a cast type thing on which isn’t suppose to get wet or taken off for 10 days. We are on day 2.5 and though it hasn’t been wet it has been chewed on, buried in the dirt, slobbered on and anything else you can imagine a 1-year-old doing.

(His cast was light blue 😳)

So far he is pain-free today but completely worn out. He also did physical therapy today and walked pretty much on his own for about 45 minutes continuously with little help! He was sweating and tired after all that! My hope in writing this blog is to give another mom hope. I searched and searched for stories like this just wanting to see someone with something similar make it and excel at it! Just to see it is going to be okay. Maybe they have to work a little bit harder toward things, but I suppose that’s just making them the strong, resilient person they are going to be!


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