All in a weeks work!

Physical therapy Thursday always ends up in something exciting! This past week we have been really working on walking solo! That means lots of falls, by the way they are not mastered yet so it’s more like a boulder falling from a mountain. But Baby Bear has even improved his falls within the week! He has been taking more and more steps with his turtle legs by himself each day and yesterday and today he blew all those days out of the water. Of course while I recorded him doing it he sorta looks like a crazy man walking. But he did walk very nicely and slowly into physical therapy today. That is until he saw two little girls, got shy and just plopped down on the floor. Our wonderful PT actually told me today that she thinks if his new prosthetics, (which we get to pick up Wednesday) go as well as the turtle legs that she is actually going to bump us to once a month instead of weekly!!! So this is really exciting!!! It scared me for a second because I was thinking oh my, weekly you can tell me what I’m doing wrong and we can work on whatever we need to weekly. But then she said you’ll be fine and if you get in a spot where you need me you call me and we will figure it out. She’s the best!! But anyways here is my crazy man walking! Remember it’s much smoother and not so fast when he isn’t trying to attack me recording him! 😋​ Who needs to be slow and steady anyways!!!! 

                             GO BABY, GO!

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