Goodbye Turtle legs… Hello shark legs! 

He went up 2 shoe sizes in 1 day! 

Today was a big day for us! We went and picked up Baby Bears second set of prosthetics! They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!! We went and picked his little legs up first and they fit perfectly.  He is a little wobbly so we need to get sturdy again with the new ones! (We just got the hang of the old ones) We are pretty excited about these though! These will be the ones that we will work on wearing full time. The others have only been 4-5 hours a day.

Making sure the new prosthetics don’t leave any red marks and are comfortable for him

We also saw his lower limb doctor today after we were done at the POPS shop. We got a fantastic report from him, he said I only need to see you back when needed now! No yearly visits! We love to hear that kind of stuff. Not because we don’t like coming because we do, we just know things are going pretty darn good when we are told that kind of stuff!! He got his little spine x-rayed today also! It looks wonderful and so do his hips! Thank you Jesus!!! So many things have happened today and they have all been pretty wonderful!! The boys have had a mini vacation and we got all great reports from everyone we had to see today! 🙏🏼💜  Happy Wednesday!!!!


  When you have a big doctor day you get whatever you want afterwards!

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