On the move!

I've been typing this since there were a couple weeks of summer left, I'm on my second day of picking up Big Brother from school! As summer comes to an end we are trying to enjoy our last few weeks before we have to start sharing Big Brother with school again and let me tell ya, we aren't looking forward to that AT ALL! But summer coming to an end means Big Brother starts football. Baby Bear has loved football practice! He has been wearing his "shark legs" for the majority of the day for about 3 weeks. Wow, the difference this has made for him I can't even believe it. He went from rolling to go place to place to now you can stand him up and he just takes off walking!!! On grass!!! This is pretty exciting!! He still prefers to get around without them bc he can just pop up and go but I do believe in the long run he will be glad he wore them so much, so young. Only can make him stronger, right!? The one thing we have to work on now is falling because we still haven't figured a graceful way of falling. So for now we will try to figure out a way to help him fall where it doesn't look like it jars his whole little body!!

We went for our hopefully last specialist appointment Monday!! We went to the cranial facial surgery center. Which when it come to the scary stuff you want the nicest, best doctors you can have!! That's just what we got! We do not have to do the scary jaw surgery!! Thank you Jesus!! But when he is two we will do a little surgery that is like the surgery when babies are tongue tied and that's all. The doctor said that will help him with his speech and be able to have more movement with his tongue. In case I never mentioned that. He was born with a recessed jaw and missing the tip of his tongue and with this surgery it will help him be able to have better speech and be able to eat easier and things like that! But that was a great appointment!!! But as we walked in there, there was a mom walking with us we were both just trying to make it to our appointments she was hauling an infant car seat and I was just trying to get Griffin and Hank into the doctors office on time and in one piece seeing how Griffin now wants to try and walk every where by himself while wearing his shark legs. 😯 But the mom ahead of me is nervous, moms can just spot a worried mom. I'm sure she spotted it. While I was sitting there thinking they were going to tell me they wanted to break my sweet boys jaw and do some scary screw type thing I look across the room and this mom was there for cleft pallet consultation for her little baby. HELLO KIMMY, QUIT MAKING UP SCENARIOS IN YOUR HEAD AND JUST SIT HERE PLEASE!!! Every time we go to a big appointment I pray to see why we are really there and what I really need to hear!! I don't go in blind I know I'm there because there is real concern to what I have going through my head but I have also learned that I need to take a step back. My sweet boy, with everything going on is really blessed with life. No long surgeries have ever been needed, no constant medical needs- nothing like that! So as that mom and baby are in our prayers for their upcoming surgeries I pray for eyes to be opened, opened to see all the good that really is already around us. You probably don't even have to look that hard for it.

On another note- I actually have gotten the nerve to enroll Baby Bear in a Mother's Day out program for twice a week so he can start being around other kids. I know he is just fine with everything, he is 1. But as he gets older I'm also not blind that he will start getting questions about why he wears his prosthetics and that kind of stuff. So my thinking was, why not try and get him a circle of friends young where they all grow together and they only see Baby Bear, not prosthetics. I would keep him home every single day if I could but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't help him either! I hope all the kiddos have a great school year and all the moms don't cry too much!!

We went and met the Mother's Day out teachers today and I think he is going to love his time there! He already made a little friend while we were visiting the classroom. I can't wait to see this part of our adventure. I hope he makes great friendships and enjoys his days there!! ❤️

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