First full day!

Today (yesterday) was Baby Bears first full day of Mother's Day Out! 😟 He also went today without his shark legs. We are trying out both ways until he is more steady and able to get up and down without making everyone a nervous wreck!! I mean really, I just got over being a nervous wreck myself!!! Or am I!? Anyways today was a fun full day for him. He played- by playing I was told he is a little rough with the other friends in the class, he climbs on everything he isn't suppose to climb on. She also let me know she officially knows his least favorite word… No. He isn't sure how to take turns and he ate 2 pieces of his peaches and fell asleep with his head in his plate at the table. Wait what!? It takes me 3 hours to get him to take a nap at home and then he just falls asleep with his face in his food at MDO. What am I doing wrong here!? She was sure to tell me she wiped him off quickly and he then laid down on his mat and slept for about 2 hours! I think he has enjoyed his 2 days this week being around other kids and new things. We are a work in progress and hopefully we start seeing some of those things settling down in the weeks to come! Happy Thursday everyone! 💜

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