Talk baby, talk!

Baby Bear has been having speech therapy since he was around 3 months old. Being born with a smaller lower jaw and missing the tip of his tongue there was worry about bottle feeding, eating solids and now we are on to talking. He has went against all the odds and has to this day never had much trouble eating solids, he took his bottle like a champ and now we are watching and waiting for words. We are starting to work on all that. We have a great speech therapist and we love her! She always wants what will be best for our sweet guy, even when she has to tell me not such fun things but we push forward and Baby Bear always seems to come out on top. For that our hearts our truly grateful!!

<<<It’s a fun day at speech when you leave with a cardboard tube to hit everyone with>>>

Most moms realize baby’s first word is Da-Da no matter how much time we spend with them it’s always da-da… Well ma-ma was baby bears first word but I think it was probably by default haha as much as I hate to admit it, oh but I love how he says it!! Missing the tip of his tongue we think is keeping him from having the d sound yet. Trust me, every day I’m making that noise and he makes noises but not the d sound! As much as I make it he should be saying it in his sleep even! But I’m positive we will figure it out and he will figure out his own way to say the D sound . We just have to be patient and sometimes that can be hard, especially when your wanting it to not be hard. Really all you want to hear is that sound to have reassurance it’s there and he CAN do it. So for now we keep going to speech, we keep making the d sound and we keep praying for this sweet boy to excel at everything he needs to do! You’ve got this Baby Bear and you have a pretty great cheering section on your team!! 💚

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