Merry “belated” Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a great one!! We sure did, we have so many thing to be thankful for and are so very blessed with the family and friends around us!! Baby Bear hasn’t really been up to much besides growing out of his shark legs and most of his clothes! But he got restocked on clothes for Christmas and we head to St. Louis in January to get remeasured for new little legs! So that is pretty exciting!! New fabric and all! So many choices and only two little legs to cover! Anyways he is sure adjusting with one hand awesomely. He always has just adjusted to what he has but the older he gets the littler the pieces seem to get with toys! He is only a year and 8 months I’m nervous to see how small pieces are by the time we hit two!! But the reason I bring that up is one handed to me seems like certain things would be a little harder for him. But he seems to just go on (thank you Jesus!) and doesn’t skip a beat! Here is one of his new toys he got for Christmas. Just throwing this out there first, after we played with it I took the little pieces on the top off and hid them because they made me nervous because he just really wanted to eat them! So this is a toy you play with them and then put the small pieces up!! But I try to always have him use his left hand when he is trying something with smaller pieces but tonight he totally blew me off and did it with one hand! ❤️

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