Growing like a weed!

Happy New Year!!! So far so good for us, besides the speedy growing Baby Bear has done in less than a years time! We went and he got remeasured for his 3rd pair of little legs today!! He really isn’t so sure about the whole process yet, by “isn’t sure yet”- I mean he sits there and covers his eyes and screams 87.9 percent of the casting time. Which is only like 10 minutes- I mean 10 days in Baby Bear time!! But one day I know he will like our prosthetist and enjoy getting to go see him on our little trips there! But it was a nice, quick trip and very productive! We are cleared for a year with our upper and lower extremities doctors, that’s always exciting! Not that we don’t like getting to visit with them, it’s just great to hear “He really is doing so great, we will see you in a year!” (๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ) I love those words!!! The only thing we are watching- are his little legs and them growing at the same pace and all that business, but those things I really don’t mind watching considering all the worries I had at the very beginning of this little journey!

Here we go!

I thought shorts would be easier for today’s appointment, I promise I don’t make him freeze

This is the part he really, really dislikes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

He loves his dogs and dinosaurs but the dogs won this time!

Just passing the time!

Nothing a new hot wheels car and cheetos can fix!

Last stop before home!

We always appreciate all the prayers and support we have for anything we do, but when it comes to traveling our praying friends and family are the best! When I walk into the room with Baby bear I know every question I need or want to ask will be asked. Even if I don’t get the answer I was really wanting, it’s for a reason and I’m sure it will come with time! As everything does!!! Happy New Year to you and yours and many blessings for 2018!!!

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