Professional Ignorer!

How is it the end of March already!! Wow! With the end of March also came a very anticipated Ears, nose and throat specialist appointment. Our sweet baby bear has had plenty of ear infections, but also the biggest worry was if he could hear well. He passed the newborn screening but had failed other hearing test in between. We were always told oh he has fluid back there that can mess up the test, but he also has this way of making me think he could not hear me. I was pretty worried about the left side the most- he had me thinking he might not hear at all out of that ear. Well it turns out that he is just a professional ignorer, he hears perfectly fine and for the first time we have ever walked into a doctors office they told me he didn’t have any fluid in his ears either. WHAT!? That was shocking news, I’m pretty sure from day one he has had fluid in his ears! But here is another thing we have been doing for ear troubles, the chiropractor!! We have not had them checked since he has started going to her and now no fluid!!! I don’t believe that’s just a coincidence!! 🙌🏼 But we are leaving March with good reports and I’ll take that!! Now if we can just get this super stubborn, ornery boy to talk we will be even better!!! Happy Easter Friends!!!!

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