Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby bear!! If you would’ve asked me where I thought we would be 2 years ago I would’ve said I have no idea!! Looking at everything he has accomplished in the past two years is really amazing (I know that probably sounds like I’m bragging, but hey give credit where credit is due, right!?) in the past two years we have met all sorts of doctors, therapist, nurses, prosthetists and people who have just become part of our family. We have seen a baby boy excel in figuring everything out!! I mean he is two!! He has figured out how to walk with prosthetics and without, he has figured out how to use his little hand just as well as his right hand, he has conquered all of his obstacles! We are so proud of him and are so thankful for all the people who are there for him, love him and help him find new ways to figure out the things that have to be done a little different! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! šŸ’™

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