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Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby bear!! If you would’ve asked me where I thought we would be 2 years ago I would’ve said I have no idea!! Looking at everything he has accomplished in the past two years is really amazing (I know that probably sounds like I’m bragging, but hey give credit where credit is due, right!?) in the… Read more →

Professional Ignorer!

How is it the end of March already!! Wow! With the end of March also came a very anticipated Ears, nose and throat specialist appointment. Our sweet baby bear has had plenty of ear infections, but also the biggest worry was if he could hear well. He passed the newborn screening but had failed other hearing test in between. We… Read more →

Growing like a weed!

Happy New Year!!! So far so good for us, besides the speedy growing Baby Bear has done in less than a years time! We went and he got remeasured for his 3rd pair of little legs today!! He really isn’t so sure about the whole process yet, by “isn’t sure yet”- I mean he sits there and covers his eyes… Read more →

Merry “belated” Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a great one!! We sure did, we have so many thing to be thankful for and are so very blessed with the family and friends around us!! Baby Bear hasn’t really been up to much besides growing out of his shark legs and most of his clothes! But he got restocked on clothes… Read more →

Movin’ Monkeys!

We started going to Movin’ Monkeys several weeks ago. Let me tell you, it’s awesome!!! Baby Bear goes 100 mph and loves every second of it!! She has a different story each week and it’s all active. If you have this program I highly suggest it!! You won’t be disappointed!! She did a star student for a couple weeks ago… Read more →

Talk baby, talk!

Baby Bear has been having speech therapy since he was around 3 months old. Being born with a smaller lower jaw and missing the tip of his tongue there was worry about bottle feeding, eating solids and now we are on to talking. He has went against all the odds and has to this day never had much trouble eating… Read more →

First full day!

Today (yesterday) was Baby Bears first full day of Mother's Day Out! 😟 He also went today without his shark legs. We are trying out both ways until he is more steady and able to get up and down without making everyone a nervous wreck!! I mean really, I just got over being a nervous wreck myself!!! Or am I!?… Read more →

On the move!

I've been typing this since there were a couple weeks of summer left, I'm on my second day of picking up Big Brother from school! As summer comes to an end we are trying to enjoy our last few weeks before we have to start sharing Big Brother with school again and let me tell ya, we aren't looking forward… Read more →